我们将带着这些知识去哪里 Where We’re Going with This Information


I‘m dedicating a lot of our rime to showing you beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is only one image in everything.There is one and only one image that created all that exists, and that image is the same image that has formed the electromagnetic field around your body. The same geometries that are in your field can be found around everything — planets and galaxies and atoms and everything else. We will examine this image in great detail.


We‘re also going to go into the history of the Earth, because it is very important to our present situation. We cannot really understand how we got here if we don.t know the process that led us to this point. So we‘ll spend a considerable length of time talking about what happened a long time ago; then slowly we’ll come forward until we get to what‘s going on today. It’s all tied together. The same old thing has been going on all along, and it.s still going on.in fact, it has never stopped.


Those of you who are predominantly right-brained may feel inclined to skip this left-brained material, yet it is most important for you to hang in there. It is through balance that spiritual health returns.

当左脑看见绝对的合一,它开始放松。你的胼胝体﹙corpus callosum,连结两个脑半球的纤维丛﹚以一种新的方式打开,左右脑之间的连结变得更宽,流动开始发生,信息往复传送,两个大脑半球开始彼此整合、同步。如果你用生物反馈的方法去观察,你可以看到这些情况发生。此时,松果体也以不同的方式开启,让你能够通过冥想来激活你的梅尔卡巴光体成为可能。此后,使我们原有的更高的意识层次得以再生和恢复的全过程开始发生。这是一个成长的过程。

When the left brain sees absolute unity, it begins to relax and the corpus callosum (the band of fibers joining the two hemispheres) opens in a new way, allowing an integration between the two sides. The link between the left and right brain widens, a flow starts, information is passed back and forth, and the opposing sides of the brain begin to integrate and synchronize with each other. If you.re hooked up for biofeedback, you can actually see this happening. This action turns on the pineal gland in a different manner and makes it possible for your meditation to activate the lightbody of the Mer-Ka-Ba. Then the whole process of regeneration and recovery of our previous higher levels of consciousness can proceed. It is a growth process.


If you are studying any other spiritual practice, you do not need to stop in order to begin the work with the Mer-Ka-Ba — unless, of course, your teacher does not want to mix traditions. Other meditations that are based on truth can be extremely useful once the Mer-Ka-Ba is spinning, because then noticeable results can evolve very, very quickly. I will repeat myself just so you know for sure: The lightbody of the Mer-Ka-Ba does not contradict or inhibit any other meditation or religion that upholds the belief that there is only one God.


So far we‘ve talked only about the ABCs of spirituality. These are just the beginning steps. But these first steps are the most important ones I know.


Your left brain may love all this information and file it away in neatly labeled pigeonholes; this is fine. Or you can just relax and read this like an adventure story, a mind-stretcher, a fantasy. However you read it, the fact that you are reading this book is what matters, and you will receive whatever you‘re meant to receive.


In the spirit of oneness, then, let us embark upon this journey of exploration together.


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